Crystal Infused

Healing Nail Polish

Receive healing, protection, success, abundance, self-love, and confidence through crystal coated clear nail polish.

A&A Gold Crysta’ls nail polish infuses with real crystals.

Based on the style you pick, the crystals can help aid with interpersonal healing, protection, success, abundance, self-love, and/or confidence. It’s a clear top coat you can add on top of your own nail coloring or stand alone. There are currently 6 different crystal clear polishes.

The Nail Polish







Black Tourmaline


Snow Quartz


Rose Quartz


Creator & CEO

Tosha Vaughan

My name is Tosh and I am from Kingston, New York.

A&A Gold Crysta’ls means and comes from Alexsia & Aaliyah my two daughters and gold crystals helped and inspired me through my journey.

I started using crystals 11 years ago when I was introduced to reiki.  I always had a crystal in my pocket or necklace everyday to consistently remind me to align with self. 

It changed my life and I believe it was a part of my bloodline. Since getting my nails done when I was 15 years old as a part of my bi-weekly routines, I thought using Crystals in a nail polish would be a better idea to to savor my adorning crystals at my home sanctuary.

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    I am a spiritual person. I survived the dark healed to be love and light. Crystals has helped in along the way. Now, as a spiritual person, I was to inspire and be inspired, continually showing love and live.

    Tosha VaughanCreator